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Ormskirk, Rufford and Southport


gal3After the best part of three decades serving Ormskirk, Rufford and Southport we think we are in a position to say we are the number one choice for tree surgery and tree removal. We have spent many years training and perfecting our tree surgeon skills to give us the all round qualities expected from our multi talented tree services team. Tree surgery is something we take very seriously and have a great passion in, tied in with our belief that our customer service is second to none.

At your initial appointment the tree surgeon will assess: specification, access, permission and parking restrictions. We will check if your address is in a conservation area or if there are any tree preservation orders in place on your property in Ormskirk, Rufford or Southport. If so, work applications must be made to the Local Authority and we either file these for you or help you complete the process in order to gain the correct permission to work on these protected trees.

We always look to do whats best for you being the customer and the tree but we will consult you all the way down the line form initial inspection right through to removal, planting or pruning.

port5When climbing up trees, Rufford Tree Surgeon’s are looking for a few things including, dead wood, splits, and cracked limbs, that will most definitely split under heavy snow or wind. Crown lifting are a common activity of tree surgeons and helps us to determine tree removal. This is when under branches are cut down or lifted up so that there is space to see between the main branches and the ground and so that crowned branches are not sweeping the floor. Just another tree service available from our tree surgery team based in Ormskirk, Rufford and Southport.

Whatever the weather Rufford Tree Surgeon will be there we know the winter is a challenging time for the environment especially trees so our common tree services at this time of year include, tree removal and wood lost during the summer as well as milling the timber.

A lot of people think being a tree surgeon you only work in the summer well we have covered a tree surgeons typical winter but now the sun is beaming and your garden needs its most attention of all. Commonly summer jobs include, tidying up the trees by thinning and strengthening trees with cables and bolts.

We try to keep things as natural as possible at Rufford Tree Services. Due to advances in technology there are other, more natural ways to conserve trees. One such method is the use of Mycorrizhal. Mycorrizhal is a friendly fungi that helps the tree become more adaptable to harsh weather conditions and prevent it from becoming infected by aggressive fungi.

Debris removal Naturally, we will remove all debris caused by the work, (95% of which will be recycled) unless you wish us to leave it with you. Some people like to chop it into logs or use it to create a habitat in their garden for insects and wildlife.

There are many things that individuals can do to maintain their trees and keep them healthy, but they should avoid doing work that is dangerous. If that type of work is required, professional help should be sought. That’s where we come in for any advice give us a call for a no-obligation quote for all of our customers in Ormskirk, Rufford and Southport.