Things to do Outside

Welcome to our blog! We hope that good things will come from using a blog to post interesting news online. From things to do outside to tree facts, we have everything covered to not only inform you but teach you some amazing things about nature and trees. For example, did you know that some trees can grow up to 100 metres in height! That’s incredible, imagine the view from the top!

Venturing Outdoors

Within this post we are going to pull together ten interesting ideas of things you can do outside this weekend. From activities to get the children involved to peaceful walks and discoveries (we know you deserve some ‘me time’), we have ten cool ideas to help get you outside and enjoying nature this weekend. Rufford Tree Services know all too well how lovely and pleasant it is to venture out into the woods, fields or even back gardens to take in some fresh air and enjoy the natural scenery.

How do you normally spend your weekend? Perhaps it’s watching films, going out for meals or even shopping, so why not mix things up by stepping out into nature and enjoy the beautiful area around your home? We have some rather interesting ideas to get both you and your family outdoors and taking in some of the most beautiful areas around you. Better still, what we have suggested will cost you very little to partake in and some are absolutely free! Result.

Activities to Enjoy Outside

Whether you’re normally more into socialising or prefer to relax indoors in the warmth, our activities are sure to convert you into an outdoors lover, or even just get you outside into the fresh air more often than now. We would love for you to take in our ideas and try a few out for yourself this weekend. An hour or two outside will be fantastic for your lungs with all of the fresh air and if your exercising whilst doing so, it’ll be even better for your health too!

Our ten favourite ideas for things to do outdoors this weekend are:

  1. Look for animal tracks
  2. Enjoy a peaceful walk with a tea/coffee
  3. Count or tally up as many wildlife/bugs you can find around you
  4. Make a bird cake
  5. Enjoy a stroll along the beach
  6. Go on a pub walk
  7. Count/see the stars
  8. Go on a photowalk – capturing the best photographic shots in your local area
  9. Workout outdoors
  10. Go on a scavenger hunt

What did you think? They’re not too bad are they? Simple things like this are perfect for getting the family together or even enjoying some time to yourself. So venture out to the wonderful outdoors this weekend and give our activity ideas a go. Enjoy and we will be back again next month with some more news or ideas. Have fun!