Reasons to go Camping

How do you plan on spending your Summer holiday? No matter if money’s too tight to go abroad or you like the idea of staying in the UK, we have came up with some pointers as to why camping could be suited to you. We love the great outdoors here at Rufford Tree Services and believe there to be many reasons to go camping this Summer. From getting adventurous and venturing out into the countryside to exploring and being at one with nature, camping is the best route to go down, and here’s why.

14 Reasons to go Camping

To prove that camping is a great holiday break, we have came up with not 5, not 10 but 14 reasons to go camping. They all provide ideas or good reasons as to why you should hit the outdoors and go camping this Summer. These pointers will not only show to you but your friends, partner or family that the outdoors is a wonderful place to enjoy some quality time. Our 14 reasons to go camping this Summer are:

  1. Fresh air
  2. It’s an experience
  3. Children love camping
  4. Family time or alone time with partner
  5. Stargazing
  6. Highly popular for outdoor lovers
  7. Plenty of different ways to exercise and get active
  8. Great quiet time and time to relax
  9. No Service – means no phones so you can get away from reality
  10. Affordable choice for holiday breaks
  11. Learn new skills e.g. fishing, cooking
  12. Long walks
  13. Discover nature
  14. Enjoy counting creatures, animals etc.

Do you think camping is a good idea now? There’s quite obviously so much to do outdoors, from long walks to taking your children out to count all the insects and creatures they can. It can be really fun! And with our blog post offering so many ideas on what to do, this Summer could be one of your best yet. Camping offers so much for everyone involved, both couples and families can enjoy the outdoors in whichever way they prefer and it is a lot cheaper than paying the price of a holiday abroad.

From all of us at Rufford Tree Services, we hope that this article has helped you in deciding whether to stay in the UK this Summer or jet abroad.