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Few individuals consider employing a surgeon to tender their trees regularly although most people do so as time goes by. Therefore, in case you require work done in relation to trees, whether to be done by an arborist who is hired to cut branches or an arbor culturist who is employed for assessing tree conditions to give mortgage reports, the company to be considered should be reliable, insured, safe and competent, one like Rufford Tree Services. Some of the things to do in order to get the best tree surgeon include:

Getting Written Quotes

Seek for advice from tree surgeons at least three of them and always ask for written quotations from each. Visits at first times are free though you should consider the worthiness of the checks before the surgeons turn up.

Approved by Arboricultural Association

Arboricultural Association is the body charged for promoting caring for amenity trees and it is a directory of contractors approved with lists of consultants registered after meeting recommended standards for experts. The directory is always available on the website or else you communicate with the tree officer in charge of the local authority who have listed recognised and approved tree surgeons in the locality. Acquire quotes from approved contractor by the Arboricultural Association. From research, such quotes are not any expensive and individuals who used such method came up with accurate and detailed assessments of the trees.

Explained Associations

Advertisements in advertising directories as well as in press are accompanied by logos which affiliate tree surgeons with various associations.

Members of Arboricultural Association after five years are subjected to thorough assessments. To add on, they must prove that they use the recommended equipment and have enough insurance.

Another international association, ISA, uses two logos. One logo is used on ordinary members not yet assessed and the other logo for certified members undergoing examinations regularly.

TCIA members which was formerly called Association of National Arborist, undergo no formal examination just before acceptance.

Either way, you should not discount tree surgeons not belonging to either ISA or non-NAA as cost incurred to apply for such might prohibit local and small businesses.

Asking Many Questions

Consider asking so many questions as best and experienced tree surgeons is open to various suggestions and are knowledgeable. Ensure that you understand any inclusion in the quote be it clearing up or stump grinding.

Permission to Plan

Contact the local authority in charge of planning to inquire if it is necessary for a planning permission. If the tree surgeon is good, they will know if it is required but you can use it to test the tree surgeon’s knowledge.


While choosing, ensure that the tree surgeon has both insurance on professional indemnity and insurance cover of the third-party. Most a times, not every tree surgeon carries their original documents on policy but that is not supposed to make you discount them as insurance details are always in the quotation written which assures you of cover.

And finally, contact Rufford Tree Services! Our team would be happy to help with all of your tree related needs.