Caring For Your Tree

Tree Care Tips

Are you looking for tips on how to care for your tree? Your search is over. Rufford Tree Services have the latest tips on caring for your tree. From the basics to getting to know common tree diseases, we have all you need to know to help you to take care of your tree.

For all gardening enthusiasts, or people who just love to care for the outdoors, we have some tree care tips that’ll provide advice on how to care for your tree. With experience like ours, we have come up with some handy advice on caring for your tree, so that you can rest easy knowing your tree is well cared for.

Caring For Your Tree

How to Care for Your Tree

One of the joys of caring for your tree is watching it grow each month or year. Living in the UK, means that a lot of us are surrounded by big, beautiful trees, which is great for our health and theirs too. It makes sense to say that, caring for your tree is extremely rewarding when you see the benefits your maintenance has made. With that said, here’s our top tips on how to care for your tree…

  • Make sure your tree gets at least 25 gallons of water a week* (1.5 inches of rainfall)
  • Mulch each Season to keep the soil moist
  • Stay in control of weeds
  • Keep weeds, lawn mowers, and wildlife away from the trees
  • If you need to cut, take it to a bud, lateral branch, or main tree trunk
  • Always remove broken, diseased, or damaged wood as soon as possible
  • Know your tree and your diseases
  • Trim back on pruning

Tip: Although it is important to keep your tree watered and fertilised, avoid overwatering or over-fertilising your tree. * Depending on the size and type of tree your caring for, the amount of water it requires can vary. A hydrated, well-watered tree has many benefits, including growth and health.

Dehydration is one of the most common reasons for poor growth, or worse the death of trees. So, it is essential to keep your tree well-watered, especially during Spring and Summer for at least the first two to three years of planting. This will not only help progress the health of your tree, but support it during its first years.

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