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Tree Lopping Vs Tree Pruning

Tree Lopping Vs Tree Pruning

Tree Looping or Tree Pruning – Which is Best?

As we look into tree looping and tree pruning, Rufford Tree Services want to discover which is best for both the tree and your landscape. From danger risks to the health of the tree, our tree surgeons have weighed up the pros and cons of each services to find out which is most beneficial. Tree looping vs tree pruning, let’s decide the verdict!

Tree Looping

Tree lopping refers to indiscriminate cutting of tree branches that cannot reach the main growth point role. One of the reasons why tree lopping is carried out is to reduce the size of a tree. However, tree lopping has the following damaging and devastating effects to a tree…


Lopped trees are dangerous to both people and property because when new growths emerge from the tree, resulting in poorly attached branches and growth. Therefore, as these branches get bigger with time, they are easy to break, causing injuries, damage to nearby properties and sometimes even worse, death to people.

Decay and Diseases

Tree lopping makes the tree vulnerable to diseases and decay. Unlike professional pruning where a tree is equipped to close the wound to avoid pest invasion and decay, tree lopping leaves open wounds that can predispose a tree to decay to pest invasion.


When a tree is lopped, about 50% of its canopy is removed starving the tree. Removal of foliage not only starves the tree of its vital energy reserves but also causes an irreversible damage to the tree structure. When the bark of a tree is exposed to scorching sun, it can scald.


Tree Lopping

Tree Pruning

Tree pruning is now widely used and highly recommended because it is set to follow the guidelines of Australian Standards 4373-2007 that ensure correct pruning procedures are followed. When a professional pruning technique is used, a tree can fight diseases and sustain a long healthy life. Therefore, to do it yourself, you should be possessing required pruning skills and experience to do it properly. Alternatively, you can choose a reliable company like Rufford Tree Services, whose arborists have the right experience and qualifications to maintain trees.

When you work with a qualified arborist, they can help determine the best type of pruning depending on an individual tree to help maintain its health, improve its safety and appearance. We can also help determine whether your tree should be removed depending on its current state. Pruning your trees is a good and valuable investment, especially when it’s done correctly the first time. Here are some of the reasons why you should prune your trees:

  • To enhance the trees’ natural shape
  • To improve the safety of the tree
  • To help control diseases
  • It promotes healthy growth of trees
  • Remove excess weight from a tree promoting safety
  • Allow more sunlight to filter through a tree promoting photosynthesis
  • Pruning also encourage fruit production by removing excess growth to avoid competition
  • If you spray your trees to protect them against pests, pruning facilitates penetration of sprays and promote aeration


Tree Pruning

Although there are numerous benefits associated with pruning, ‘proper’ pruning techniques and manpower should be used. Therefore, if you don’t know how to prune your trees, don’t attempt to do it yourself because you may end up doing more damage than good. Simply contact Rufford Tree Services today for a professional, practical, and honest advice.

Here are some examples of ‘proper’ pruning techniques:

  • Canopy thinning
  • Crown reduction
  • Raising canopies
  • Dead-wooding
  • End weight reduction of lateral limbs
  • Entrenchment


It is advisable to ask as many questions as possible to have a clear understanding of what is being done to your tree. The pruning method that we choose to use is determined by each specific plant and the trees’ species as well as the season of the year. Working with a professional like Rufford Tree Services will make pruning easier, fun, and beneficial. Simply contact our team today on 01704 821 239 / 07888 843 079 for more information.

When Should I Put My Christmas Tree Up?

When Should I Put My Christmas Tree Up?

One of the most popular topics of conversation at this time of year is based around the right time to put your Christmas tree up. With speculations ranging from December 1st to 12 days before Christmas Day, or simply whenever you like. We wanted to know the truth behind each tradition or belief. This way, we can help you decide the ultimate question of “when should I put my Christmas tree up?”.

If deciding the right time is a little too much for you, then Rufford Tree Services hope that the following information will help.

When Should I Put My Christmas Tree Up?

Latin America

In Latin America, you would put your Christmas tree up on December 8th, on Immaculate Conception Day. This is a day of celebration of the Virgin Mary, and is the reason for putting your tree up on December 8th, in honour and celebration.

Classic Traditions

The most classic tradition however, is to put the Christmas tree up 12 days before Christmas. This would be December 13th. This also follows through after Christmas, as you would then take your tree down 12 days after Christmas, falling on January 6th.

When Should I Put My Christmas Tree Up?


Common Christmas Tree Decorations

If you’re looking for a new approach to your Christmas tree decorations, Rufford Tree Services have some ideas on how to decorate your tree. Some of the most common Christmas tree decorations we have seen over the years include…

  • Baubles
  • Tinsel
  • Lights
  • Candy canes
  • Beads
  • Bows

This doesn’t mean that you must use these ideas. A lot of people work with colour schemes these days. This gives you full advantage of the festive spirit and time of year, as you can decorate your tree with individual baubles to match your scheme. Not only will your tree look fantastic at the end of it, it’s highly enjoyable throughout the process too!


The British Christmas Tree Growers Association or BCTGA believe that it is fine to buy your Christmas tree from December 1st. Having said this, it is most advised and common to put your tree up in December, and not any months before. But we all have individual thoughts and reasons on when to put our tree up.

Things like having a real Christmas tree, or young children can often sway people into wanting to put their tree up early. It’s all about getting into the festive spirit and wanting to celebrate Christmas as early as possible, but the timing of putting your tree up is an issue that will never be truly decided…

In our opinion, it’s down to person preference and we suggest that you put your tree up whenever you feel necessary. Be it December 1st or today, do whatever you feel is right. After all, it’s your tree! With that being said, we would like to wish you all a fantastic Christmas and all the best for 2018!

Merry Christmas

When is the best time to prune trees?

Pruning Trees

Pruning trees is one of the most common procedures to be carried out by tree surgeons. To maintain safety and aesthetics, trees should be pruned regularly. In order to cut the tree in a way that doesn’t damage or affect the condition, the tree will need to be carefully worked on. This requires a clear understanding of how and when to prune a true. But when is the best time to prune trees?

From maintaining good health to enhancing the trees aesthetic value, there are many reasons to prune trees. In our experience, pruning trees can be anything from removing dead branches, overcrowded areas to taking away any hazards. Regardless of your reasons to prune your tree, know that Rufford Tree Services are at your call to help. Our team are skilled, knowledgeable, and happy to undertake tree pruning on one, or multiple trees. Be sure to contact our team today to find out more about our services.

When to cut down trees

If you are pruning a tree to remove any weak, dead, or dangerous branches, this can be completed throughout the year. Something to take into consideration before pruning is, is the tree is pruned before Springs’ growth flush, the growth of the tree will be maximised. This means that the wounds will close faster. As professional tree surgeons, we advise that, wherever possible, pruning in late Autumn or Winter is best as this is when the tree is dormant.

When to avoid pruning

The main time to avoid pruning your tree is after the Spring growth flush. This is because the tree will have just expended lots of energy so that it can produce foliage. From here, the tree will start an early shoot growth, so the removal of foliage at this time of year will cause stress to the tree.

If you do choose to prune your tree in early spring, your tree will ‘bleed’ sap, this is something to bear in mind as some trees can spread diseases through spores and open wounds. If you need to prune your tree as soon as possible, then this is something to consider, otherwise it is advised that you postpone the prune until Late Autumn or Winter.

However, Conifers require are different to most trees and pruning them is best in late Summer. The only reason for pruning a Conifer is to remove dead or diseased branches, but if the tree needs to be removed completely, this can be done at any time of year, depending on weather conditions.

Pruning Conifers

How to prune trees

Most prunes require a professional. To avoid any damage to your tree, we ask that you get in touch with Rufford Tree Services to find out how we can help. We will be able to determine the best course of action for your tea, and what’s required in order to maintain your trees health and quality.

Contact Rufford Tree Services

Trust the professionals at Rufford Tree Services to prune or cut down your trees. We have years of experience in pruning and removing trees, so no matter the quantity or reason, be sure to contact Rufford Tree Services. Our team are experienced, reliable, and reputable. We’re on hand to deal with your every request, whilst maintaining the quality of your trees. Simply call 01704 821 239 or 07888 843 079 for a free quotation. We will be happy to help in any way possible!

If your tree has seen better days or you’re concerned about its condition, please get in touch with our team today for further assistance. We cover a wide area of Lancashire and are confident that we can create the right solution to help.

What Plants to Grow Now

What Plants to Grow Now

Now that your garden has been perfectly maintained over Summer, it’s time to think of creating your own growing plants and vegetables. With Autumn fast approaching, we have some ideas on which plants thrive at this time of year. From garden allotments to your own garden patch, Rufford Tree Services have something to suit all interests. So if you’re looking for ‘what plants to grow now’, we have you covered. Let’s take a look…

What Can I Plant at This Time of Year?

If you take pride in your garden, choosing to grow your own fruit and vegetables will be significantly rewarding for you. For all first timers, you needn’t worry about the difficulty of growing your own healthy goods, it simply takes some time and TLC. With tender loving care, your fruit and veg will grow to the best of their ability. And as each season passes, you will be able to practice different types of food and plants. But what is worth growing at this time of year? The most common plants and veg are:

  • Cucumbers
  • Blueberries
  • Garlic
  • Radish
  • Spinach
  • Flower bulbs
  • Lettuce
  • Broccoli

For all of your gardening needs across Lancashire, Rufford Tree Services are here to help. We may not be experts in growing, but we have years of experience with gardening. So if it’s advice on weeds, soil or general upkeep you require, we’re at your call.

What Plants to Grow Now

How To Prepare Your Garden For Planting

Planting and growing is a very popular choice of hobby across Lancashire. From the basic vegetables to flowers, to a whole range of goods, it’s really rewarding to taste your own produce. Whether it’s your own lettuce in a salad or the garlic to your pasta dish, completing your meal with homegrown food is amazing. It’s not just about the satisfaction of growing it yourself, but it tastes so much better too! If you can’t grow items outside or you require a more secure growing area, then be sure to consider using a hydroponics supplier.

So you’re set and ready to start planting, but how do you prepare your garden? Whether you’re setting up your own space or dedicating your whole garden, we have advice on where to start. First of all, ensure that your garden is clean and prepared. If you need help with maintenance, know that Rufford Tree Services can help. Our tree surgeons are specialists in garden improvements and maintenance. So regardless of how much work is required, we can help. Call our team today on 01704 821 239 / 07888 843 079 to find out more information.

How to Maintain Your Garden

How to Maintain Your Garden

As we approach the best part of Summer, our team would like to release some simple and easy tips on how to maintain your garden. Maintaining and caring for your garden will not only keep it looking glorious in the Summer months, but it will actually save you time if you keep on top of the maintenance on a regular basis. But how exactly can you do this with little effort? Let’s find out…

10 Ways to Keep Your Garden Healthy

If you’re looking for advice on how to keep your garden healthy, Rufford Tree Services have the answer, in fact we have ten! Our team have been helping to maintain gardens across Lancashire for some time now and know of various tips on keeping your garden healthy during all months. Our 10 garden care tips on how to do this are:

  1. Remove all weeds before planting your new bed
  2. Water your flower beds regularly – 1 – 2 times a week
  3. The best time to water grass is 4 – 8am, so try to stick to this watering time
  4. Avoid weeds from growing by planting beds densely to minimise space for weeds
  5. Plant flowers and plants that have good roots – the more roots visible the better!
  6. Clean up any fall or dead leaves
  7. Take care of your soil, grass and flower beds – it’ll pay off!
  8. Inspect plants for any garden pests like Aphids or Beetles
  9. Use fully composted yard waste
  10. Apply the correct fertiliser

Top Tip!

In order to keep your lawn fresh and damage free during the Summer months, avoid cutting it on hot days. Temperatures around and above 26°C encourage the lawn to grow, but it doesn’t need cutting right away. Wait until the grass is standing at about give centimeters as this will protect the grass and the surface underneath from being damage by the sun. Not only that, this will avoid the soil from drying out, and therefore the grass from maintaining a fresh, crisp shade of green.

Get in Touch with Rufford Tree Services

For help maintaining your garden or outside space, choose none other than Rufford Tree Services in Lancashire. Our team have years of experience and are here to help cater to all of your needs. Call our team today to discuss in further detail on how we can help.

Choosing a Tree Surgeon

Rufford Tree Services

Few individuals consider employing a surgeon to tender their trees regularly although most people do so as time goes by. Therefore, in case you require work done in relation to trees, whether to be done by an arborist who is hired to cut branches or an arbor culturist who is employed for assessing tree conditions to give mortgage reports, the company to be considered should be reliable, insured, safe and competent, one like Rufford Tree Services. Some of the things to do in order to get the best tree surgeon include:

Getting Written Quotes

Seek for advice from tree surgeons at least three of them and always ask for written quotations from each. Visits at first times are free though you should consider the worthiness of the checks before the surgeons turn up.

Approved by Arboricultural Association

Arboricultural Association is the body charged for promoting caring for amenity trees and it is a directory of contractors approved with lists of consultants registered after meeting recommended standards for experts. The directory is always available on the website or else you communicate with the tree officer in charge of the local authority who have listed recognised and approved tree surgeons in the locality. Acquire quotes from approved contractor by the Arboricultural Association. From research, such quotes are not any expensive and individuals who used such method came up with accurate and detailed assessments of the trees.

Explained Associations

Advertisements in advertising directories as well as in press are accompanied by logos which affiliate tree surgeons with various associations.

Members of Arboricultural Association after five years are subjected to thorough assessments. To add on, they must prove that they use the recommended equipment and have enough insurance.

Another international association, ISA, uses two logos. One logo is used on ordinary members not yet assessed and the other logo for certified members undergoing examinations regularly.

TCIA members which was formerly called Association of National Arborist, undergo no formal examination just before acceptance.

Either way, you should not discount tree surgeons not belonging to either ISA or non-NAA as cost incurred to apply for such might prohibit local and small businesses.

Asking Many Questions

Consider asking so many questions as best and experienced tree surgeons is open to various suggestions and are knowledgeable. Ensure that you understand any inclusion in the quote be it clearing up or stump grinding.

Permission to Plan

Contact the local authority in charge of planning to inquire if it is necessary for a planning permission. If the tree surgeon is good, they will know if it is required but you can use it to test the tree surgeon’s knowledge.


While choosing, ensure that the tree surgeon has both insurance on professional indemnity and insurance cover of the third-party. Most a times, not every tree surgeon carries their original documents on policy but that is not supposed to make you discount them as insurance details are always in the quotation written which assures you of cover.

And finally, contact Rufford Tree Services! Our team would be happy to help with all of your tree related needs.

Common Reasons for Tree Felling

Tree Felling

As professional tree surgeons, we’re always getting asked questions regarding trees. From ways to maintain your tree to removing it altogether. In this month’s blog post, Rufford Tree Services are going to be focusing on the common reasons for tree felling to help you to decide whether it’s the right method for you.

For a number of reasons, homeowners request to have trees removed. From it taking up too much space with growth or they simply wish for it not to be there. We can’t make the final decision to complete our tree felling service for these homeowners but to help weight up their options. Rufford Tree Services have discovered that some of the most common reasons for tree felling are to simply gain more space and increase visibility of the surroundings. To delve further into these reasons, Rufford Tree Services have used our experience of over 30 years to explain why we complete tree felling across Lancashire.

Tree Felling

Why Do People Choose Tree Felling?

Tree felling is a service in which a tree is removed down to the stump or completely removed. Here, the tree is able to grow again unless the start of the tree has been taken away too. Upon choosing to receive tree felling, you will be able to decide whether or not to keep the tree stump. Depending on the location or severity of the tree, we are happy to provide advice on which action is best.

Some of the most common reasons for choosing tree felling include:

  • To increase garden space
  • To have a better view of the surroundings of the home
  • Roots are becoming an issue
  • The tree has died is diseased
  • If the tree is in the way of construction or structures
  • If the tree is starting to cause damage
  • If the tree is becoming an eyesore
  • Personal choice – some people just want them removed!

Choose Rufford Tree Services

If you’re interested in tree felling for a tree on your property, come to Rufford Tree Services for help. Our team have over 30 years experience in tree removals and are here to help cater to all of your needs. So if you would like to have a tree or trees removed by a team of reputable and reliable tree surgeons, come to Rufford Tree Services today. Our team will be happy to help in whichever way possible. Call us on 01704 821 239 today to receive a tree quote or to discuss your options. We hope to hear from you soon.

Summer Garden Ideas

Summer Garden Ideas

Are you looking for some Summer garden ideas for your outside space? Whether it’s finding the right plants for the size of your garden or suitable furniture and accessories, Rufford Tree Services hope that we can help. We have been maintaining and caring for gardens across Lancashire for many years now and have picked up a few tips along the way. From snazzy design ideas to quirky planting, we have a some interesting hints up our sleeve to help make your garden as cool as possible for Summer 2017!

Summer Garden Ideas

Garden Ideas

We have picked out ten of our most favourite ideas to help you to make the most of your garden. With a lot of gardens struggling to stand out or leave an impression, we hope that our ideas will help make your outdoor space more unique than ever.

Our team have put our heads together and came up with some garden ideas to ensure that your garden stands out and looks fantastic. Having worked with a large number of clients over the last 30 plus years, we have picked up some incredible tips on how to decorate your garden. Some of our most favourite ornaments and finishing touches has got to be different ways of planting flowers in various objects. We have seen flowers be planted in pallets, tyres and even in wellington’s!

Rufford Tree Services’s top ten garden ideas for accessorising your garden this Summer are:

  • Pallets for planting flowers
  • Tea cup flowers
  • Incorporate blue, pink, yellow and green
  • Tyres for planting or cool seats
  • Bunting or fairy lights around your fence/gate
  • Solar lights along the walkway of your garden
  • Get the kids involved with painting pots, pebbles or gnomes
  • A swing, they look great at the side of your garden and are super relaxing too
  • Decking with fitted a seating area looks amazing and is ideal for Summer
  • The finishing touch… a BBQ to host your own party to show off your new garden!

Choose Rufford Tree Services for Garden Maintenance

If your garden is in desperate need for some well deserved attention or TLC, look no further than Rufford Tree Services. Our team have over 30 years experience in garden maintenance and are here to help with all of your outdoor related needs. No matter the size of the project, our team are confident that we can help with your garden maintenance and tree felling. Simply get in touch with our team today to find out how we can help improve your outdoor space for Summer. We’d love to help!

Garden Care Tips

Garden Care Tips

To help ensure that your outdoor space is wellkept and maintained, Rufford Tree Services have created some garden care tips. We hope that this will help you over Summer to keep your garden looking fresh and well cared for. Whether you’re gardening with a small back garden or a large drive and front lawn, our garden care tips are sure to give you some incentive into working and maintaining your outdoor space.

In this month’s blog post we’re going to be focusing on some garden care tips for homeowners. We’re not going to bewilder you with professional talk, techniques or even equipment, we’re going to keep things simple and achievable. Afterall, your garden will require regular maintenance and attention.

Ten Garden Maintenance Tips

If you’re looking for some help and advice on maintaining your garden, Rufford Tree Services have some easy-to-understand care tips. We have pulled together ten garden maintenance tips to assist you when caring for your garden. Using our skills, experience and knowledge, we have devised ten manageable, realistic tips to help with maintaining your outdoor space. Our ten garden maintenance tips are:

  1. Feed shaded grass areas – pay it more attention
  2. Turnover any mud/soil
  3. Plastic edging to split grass from soil – avoids any over growing
  4. Rake and remove any dead leaves
  5. Mow the lawn when required – don’t let it over grow
  6. Don’t plant any plants with rocks
  7. Stay on top of weeds, removing any when they appear
  8. Fertilise your lawn every 4-5 weeks
  9. Water your lawn during dry weather periods
  10. Flower beds improve appearance

Grass Facts

Did you know, healthy grass is the best weed preventer you can get? The more you keep on top of your lawn, the better quality it will become, meaning less weeds.

Another fact, cutting your grass regularly will help to thicken the grass. By mowing the lawn often, it will make the grass thicker each time (within reason).

Garden Care Tips

Choose Rufford Tree Services

If you don’t have the time or simply prefer not to garden, the team at Rufford Tree Services can take care of your outside space. We regularly maintain several gardens across Lancashire and are always more than happy to take on new business. Simply get in touch with our team 01704 821 239 and we will talk through your options for garden maintenance and care. We hope to hear from you soon.

Reasons to go Camping

Reasons to go Camping

How do you plan on spending your Summer holiday? No matter if money’s too tight to go abroad or you like the idea of staying in the UK, we have came up with some pointers as to why camping could be suited to you. We love the great outdoors here at Rufford Tree Services and believe there to be many reasons to go camping this Summer. From getting adventurous and venturing out into the countryside to exploring and being at one with nature, camping is the best route to go down, and here’s why.

14 Reasons to go Camping

To prove that camping is a great holiday break, we have came up with not 5, not 10 but 14 reasons to go camping. They all provide ideas or good reasons as to why you should hit the outdoors and go camping this Summer. These pointers will not only show to you but your friends, partner or family that the outdoors is a wonderful place to enjoy some quality time. Our 14 reasons to go camping this Summer are:

  1. Fresh air
  2. It’s an experience
  3. Children love camping
  4. Family time or alone time with partner
  5. Stargazing
  6. Highly popular for outdoor lovers
  7. Plenty of different ways to exercise and get active
  8. Great quiet time and time to relax
  9. No Service – means no phones so you can get away from reality
  10. Affordable choice for holiday breaks
  11. Learn new skills e.g. fishing, cooking
  12. Long walks
  13. Discover nature
  14. Enjoy counting creatures, animals etc.

Do you think camping is a good idea now? There’s quite obviously so much to do outdoors, from long walks to taking your children out to count all the insects and creatures they can. It can be really fun! And with our blog post offering so many ideas on what to do, this Summer could be one of your best yet. Camping offers so much for everyone involved, both couples and families can enjoy the outdoors in whichever way they prefer and it is a lot cheaper than paying the price of a holiday abroad.

From all of us at Rufford Tree Services, we hope that this article has helped you in deciding whether to stay in the UK this Summer or jet abroad.