Mar 28, 2017

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Garden Care Tips

Garden Care Tips

To help ensure that your outdoor space is wellkept and maintained, Rufford Tree Services have created some garden care tips. We hope that this will help you over Summer to keep your garden looking fresh and well cared for. Whether you’re gardening with a small back garden or a large drive and front lawn, our garden care tips are sure to give you some incentive into working and maintaining your outdoor space.

In this month’s blog post we’re going to be focusing on some garden care tips for homeowners. We’re not going to bewilder you with professional talk, techniques or even equipment, we’re going to keep things simple and achievable. Afterall, your garden will require regular maintenance and attention.

Ten Garden Maintenance Tips

If you’re looking for some help and advice on maintaining your garden, Rufford Tree Services have some easy-to-understand care tips. We have pulled together ten garden maintenance tips to assist you when caring for your garden. Using our skills, experience and knowledge, we have devised ten manageable, realistic tips to help with maintaining your outdoor space. Our ten garden maintenance tips are:

  1. Feed shaded grass areas – pay it more attention
  2. Turnover any mud/soil
  3. Plastic edging to split grass from soil – avoids any over growing
  4. Rake and remove any dead leaves
  5. Mow the lawn when required – don’t let it over grow
  6. Don’t plant any plants with rocks
  7. Stay on top of weeds, removing any when they appear
  8. Fertilise your lawn every 4-5 weeks
  9. Water your lawn during dry weather periods
  10. Flower beds improve appearance

Grass Facts

Did you know, healthy grass is the best weed preventer you can get? The more you keep on top of your lawn, the better quality it will become, meaning less weeds.

Another fact, cutting your grass regularly will help to thicken the grass. By mowing the lawn often, it will make the grass thicker each time (within reason).

Garden Care Tips

Choose Rufford Tree Services

If you don’t have the time or simply prefer not to garden, the team at Rufford Tree Services can take care of your outside space. We regularly maintain several gardens across Lancashire and are always more than happy to take on new business. Simply get in touch with our team 01704 821 239 and we will talk through your options for garden maintenance and care. We hope to hear from you soon.